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Dog Food Secrets Review – The UGLY Truth about Dog Food

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dog-food-secretsI discovered Dog Food Secrets when I was researching recipes online for homemade doggie treats for my beautiful German shepherd “Bobby”.

I was totally blown away by what I found out commercial processed dog food and the danger it poses to dogs.

I honestly had never really given homemade dog food a lot of thought.

This sparked my curiosity so I purchased a copy of the book and this is what I found.

What is Dog Food Secrets?

It is an instantly downloadable book that is a complete educational resource on how to make dog food at home.

The main focus of the Dog Food Secrets is twofold, it gives consumers insight into the dietary requirements for your dog and it has dozens of recipes for home-made fresh food meals so that you can make the healthiest and best tasting dog food possible. In fact many people who follow the dietary guide in this book they have extended their dog’s life by years (compared to that breeds average lifespan).

About the author

The author is dog food nutritional expert Andrew Lewis who has compiled the information in consultation with other dog experts and vets from around the world. This means you get the best researched information that is as accurate and up to date as possible.

What’s inside Dog Food Secrets?

The book mainly comprises of dog meat recipes with vegetables. But it also has dog biscuit recipes and even dog cake recipes if you are throwing a party for puppies and adult dogs!

There is 90 pages of information that contains dozens of homemade dog food recipes for large dogs, small dogs and homemade puppy food recipes. The book has complete nutritional information so you know exactly how much protein, salt, carbs and fat that your dog needs and is eating. This is all essential information for your dog to have a balanced healthy diet.

Here is a couple of recipes from Dog Food Secrets



Here’s a doggie treat recipe


The book goes into why processed dog food is bad for your dog and what is the best diet that you can feed your dog for long term health. The actual Dog Food Secrets book is one in a package of up to ten eBooks (depending on the package you order). The book also includes the best homemade dog treats that you can make at home for you beloved pet!

Why consider homemade dog food?

Essentially because you need to know exactly what your dog is eating. Why? Because many brands of commercial processed dog food contain meat by-products and have added chemicals and preservatives in them that can be harmful to your dog. One particular chemical is menadione (a vitamin K supplement) which is a possible carcinogen.

Also, homemade dog food is great for the many dogs that need special diets such as high fiber dog food, high protein dog food, hypoallergenic dog food, low fat dog food, low sodium dog food, sensitive stomach dog food and even vegetarian dog food.

Feeding your dog a balanced diet of fresh food is the single best way to ensure your dog lives as happy and healthy a life as possible. This is important since the principle of a dog diet is the same as it is for a human diet. And you will find that making fresh homemade food is the best dog food for allergies.

Is it safe to feed my dog a combination of homemade and processed dog food?

From a nutritional perspective it generally would not be a problem to mix it up between homemade and processed food. In fact some people who buy Dog Food Secrets do so just for the recipes so they can cook for their dog on special occasions, like their birthday!

Either way, so long as you stick to the actual ingredients in the recipes and that your dog is consuming the food without gaining or losing too much weight it should be OK. It would be a good idea to discuss this with your vet next time you visit.

Oh and remember that if you do go with a proper full on homemade diet it is actually a good idea to keep a can or two of dog food handy in the cupboard in case you do get stuck for food. You don’t want be in a situation where you get stuck with no food in the fridge at all for you or your pooch! Of course I would highly recommend the brands in The Confidential Dog Food Report over regular commercial products.


Can the food in the recipes be varied?

It is not a good idea to change or swap the ingredients outlined in the recipe book as it will alter the nutritional value of the food. You also risk making your dog sick if you put ingredients into their food that are not safe for them to eat.

This can be simple things like garlic and onions or chocolate that are toxic to dogs. As a general rule if you are ever in doubt about an ingredient than do not feed it to your dog. And it is a good idea for you to understand what foods are toxic to dogs.

What if my dog does not like the food?

In the unlikely event your dog does not eat the homemade food, I would recommend trying the organic brands outlined in The Confidential Dog Food Report first before going back to a commercial product. Remember that going organic is a big commitment but it’s important to know that the transformation back to commercial food can be made if you need to.

This is why I like Dog Food Secrets

Making your own dog food at home is not something that many people would normally consider. None the less the book gave me everything I needed to know in one package.

Whether you want to know about homemade dog food recipes for small dogs, large dogs or even how to make homemade dog treats it’s all in there. So with all these resources available to you, you might use all or just part of the information at hand.

Another great aspect of this product is that when you buy the book you also have the opportunity to sign up to the Dog Owners Club if you want to. This is a community of like-minded people that use the product and discuss all things dogs; it’s a great social resource if there are things you about your dog that you want to discuss or just to be social with other dog owners around the world.

And, the Dog Food Secrets book is updated from time to time when new information has become available. So if you buy the Gold package you get lifetime access to updated versions of the book at no additional charge.


Some of the obstacles

Making fresh meals for your dog/s is not as convenient as buying it prepared. It will take time, effort and in some cases can cost more than buying commercial processed dog food (depending on the brand you buy).

However the book does go into strategies to help combat the cost such as recommending you buy the ingredients in bulk and prepare a large amount of food and then freeze it. You can also learn from the book how to make dry dog food that keeps for months. Generally the refrigerated dog food recipes will keep safely for up to a week.

Apart from that you should consider that for adult dogs it is important not to make sudden changes to their diet especially if they have been eating processed food all their life. A gradual transfer to homemade fresh food is the recommended approach. Homemade puppy food is not as difficult to introduce as you are already getting them off to a good start. The book goes into much more detail about these topics.

Consider the benefits of a proper diet plan:

> Changing your dog’s diet to homemade fresh food will likely extend your dog’s life by years
> Fresh homemade food will likely increase your dog’s energy levels
> Your dog will have a healthy glowing coat
> Your dog will have healthy skin
> Your dog will have healthy teeth
> Healthy food means less bad breath and passing wind
> There are NO added chemicals or preservatives in fresh food
> You do not have to purchase and store large amounts of canned and dried food
> You do not have to buy separate pots and pans to prepare the food as the ingredients in Dog Food Secrets are the same as human food

Can I trust the information in this book?


When I ask myself whether this product passes the “would I use it” test? For me it’s a definite yes. Why? Because there are many people who have been cooking food for their dogs for many years and have seen results such as their dogs having healthier coats, increased energy levels and less behavioral problems.

And I guess this question could also be asked another way, can I trust the food that I feed my dog now? Do I know exactly what is in it and what effect it can have on my dog’s health?

This is often something that is overlooked in modern society; we tend just to trust what companies tell us is best. However, for total peace of mind it is always a good idea to discuss your dog’s diet with your vet.

Is Dog Food Secrets good value to me?

The book contains several dozen recipes and nutritional content for dogs of all types and sizes as well as homemade dog treats recipes. This information has had to be researched and tested, so paying $27 for the book does not seem so bad. But if you think about value as being that my dog will live longer and be healthier then the information is priceless.

Dog Food Secrets offers 3 different packages of books and the prices vary between them. I have included more information about the packages below. I purchased the Gold package as I liked the idea of getting all 10 of the books as well as future updated versions of the Dog Food Secrets book at no extra charge.

Just before that though, note that if cooking for your dog is not possible then you will especially like “The 9 SAFE and Ultra-Healthy Dog Food Brands in North America”.

This book goes into detail of the best canned dog food that passes the rigorous scientific lab tests to determine the exact ingredients in them (the report can be obtained by contacting Andrew Lewis through the official site). That means the food does not contain any harmful chemicals and is organic, this book is available with the Gold package.

These are the books included in the Gold package:

> Dog Food SECRETS 4th Edition
> Canine Diet Changeover Guide
> Homemade All-Natural Remedies for the Unwell Wolf
> Homemade All-Natural Shampoos & Soaps for the Dirty Dog
> Homemade Canine Supplements
> Homemade Happiness For The Hungry Hound
> Pack Your Puppy With Power
> Recipes for Dogs With Special Needs
> Transcription for Dog Training Uncovered
> 23 Healthy and Delicious Doggy Treat Recipes
> The Confidential Dog Food Report 2nd Edition (The 9 very best ultra-healthy dog food brands in all of North America)


You will note the Gold package includes recipes for puppy food, food for unwell dogs and even recipes for dog biscuits. And you will also get lifetime upgrades each time a new version of Dog Food Secrets is released!

Is there another alternative? YES!

The-9-very-best-ultra-healtFor those who are time poor or not such good cooks there is another alternative.

Andrew Lewis has also published the 9 very best ultra-healthy dog food brands in all of North America that outlines the best canned dog food available. This book only comes with the Gold package.

It outlines the best canned dog food brands that have been scientifically tested and deemed safe for your dog to eat as the product only contains organic ingredients that are chemical and menadione free.

It is quite incredible that out of every brand of dog food available in the US only 9 brands passed the test! Following the recommendations of this book means you can have the convenience of buying prepared food that you know is much safer for your dog.

Look at what Dog Food Secrets clients have said




Preparing homemade dog food does take commitment so be prepared to carve out some time every week to prepare the food. But even if you give it a go and you find it is just too time consuming, then maybe try cooking just once or twice per week, perhaps on the weekends. This will ensure your dog gets a proper nutritional meal on those occasions and will give you great satisfaction in completing the task.

For the first few weeks of changing you dog over to a homemade diet it is a good idea to check their weight at weekly intervals for about the first 4 to 6 weeks. Also, if you are changing over from canned food, you will want to keep some canned food on hand in case your dog does not eat what you have cooked (although that is very unusual!). You will also want to buy yourself a set of kitchen scales if you don’t already have one in order to get accurate measurements of the ingredients.

Basically I like to think of this product as being a healthy diet plan for my dog rather than just a book of dog food recipes. I like that the book details the dietary requirements for all dogs from puppies through to adults. Oh, and of course how it has recipes for homemade dog treats.

I also really like that you can learn how to make dry dog food, homemade dog biscuits and even homemade dog shampoo in addition to the homemade dog food recipes.

This is the best single source of information you will find on dog diets on the internet. And by following the diet outlined in Dog Food Secrets you are sure to improve your dog’s health and extend their lifespan by years.

If you take nothing else away from reading this, know that the importance of your dog’s diet cannot be under stated. The nutritional needs of your companion have to be cared for as they cannot do it for themselves, it’s as important as love, shelter, water, training and exercise.

So if you’re interested in improving your dogs health with Dog Food Secrets why not take a look for yourself.

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